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Let's Win More For District 4!

For any one of our city's challenges, there are multiple effective and cost-efficient solutions. To make those solutions a reality, we need leaders who will stay engaged, behave ethically and keep an eye to our future growth. On November 7, 2017, District 4 will have the opportunity to choose such a leader. By putting forth our best ideas and efforts to the people of District 4, we will win this election.


I have faith in this campaign for many reasons, and be sure to check out the "On the Issues" page, but I would sum it up as follows:

Despite Atlanta’s overall growth, much of District 4 has been left stagnant due to what can only be described as a lack of attention and will. District voters are specific in their desire for leaders who will be engaged enough to understand and act on their needs. Our campaign represents a dedication to not just listening to citizens, but to seeking their voices and making them heard, so that those needs are prioritized and met.

District voters desire a renewed confidence in their leaders’ ethics. Beyond innovation in streamlining and strengthening city services, our campaign represents an opportunity for voters to make a clean break with the past and restore ethics to their proper place in city government. 

Technology and the climate are rapidly changing every corner of the world, yet City Hall has not put forth a coherent long-term plan for the city's development. Growth should not and must not be piecemeal. Our campaign represents a willingness to commit to the long and complicated work that is necessary to ensure that District 4 and the rest of the city stand as cutting-edge models for smart urban growth.



Our goal is to show everyone that through a commitment to engagement, ethics and smart growth, we can make every corner of District 4 shine in relatively short order. We will renew people's faith in governance by showing that good leadership can enable and empower citizens to transform their communities and make them reflections of their best wishes. Basically, we’re going to get the people of District 4 to show up and show our for their communities like never before.

I'm the candidate, and I can shout my ideas from every rooftop and Facebook feed, but I can only vote for myself once. This all comes down to you, the voter or potential voter. If you believe in this platform like I do, then for yourself and your community, you must register and vote. You can register to vote here in only minutes, and you can check your address here to see if you live in District 4.

Consider this: During the 2013 election, there were over 18,000 registered voters in District 4. The current councilwoman won on a total of 1,800 votes. I think we can do better. In fact, I think we can blow previous voter participation completely out of the water. All we need is for you to show up and vote Dan Burroughs on November 7, and together we can begin to win more for District 4.

Best Wishes,
Daniel A. Burroughs



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